The NeuroPace RNS System

Advanced Power Management

The RNS® System’s proprietary responsive stimulation software and fully custom, ultra-low power circuitry manage energy to enable extremely efficient battery use based on each patient’s unique seizure patterns.

Patient-First Innovation

Longer battery life means fewer procedures, which translates into lower health risk and lower cost for patients. All without the burden of recharging.

Another example of the patient-first approach to innovation that NeuroPace has taken since the beginning.

So much life can happen in a decade.

With the RNS System, a battery replacement doesn’t have to interrupt a moment of it.

Imagine watching your toddler become a teenager before you need a battery replacement.

Photocollage of a woman doing a child's laundry at different stages of life.

*The median battery longevity is 10.8 years for the RNS Neurostimulator (model RNS-320). Estimates for longevity were derived from medium stimulation and detection utilization (mAh/day). See product manuals in the Patient Resources and Physician Resources for more information.